The Home Buying Process, Step by Step

Looking through the gate at the house you want to buy. This is how to buy a house.

The home buying process requires 32 steps.

This is simple outline demystifies the process by explaining the order of operations once you decide to buy a home.

  1. Decision to purchase a home
  2. Home search online, I call this window shopping
  3. Sales associate selection
  4. Initial counseling interview
  5. Pre approval from lender
  6. Home tours
  7. Home selection
  8. Write the offer to purchase agreement
  9. Negotiation with seller
  10. Contract is agreed upon by both buyer and seller
  11. Mortgage application
  12. Appraisal
  13. Credit report
  14. Verification of assets
  15. Verification of employment
  16. Arrangement of inspections
  17. Confirm ability to obtain homeowner’s insurance
  18. Home Inspection
  19. Pest Inspection
  20. Radon Inspection, if desired
  21. Septic inspection
  22. Well water inspection
  23. Additional inspections, if indicated; i.e. structural, HVAC
  24. Attorney selection
  25. Mortgage approval
  26. Satisfaction of contingencies
  27. Title commitment received and reviewed
  28. Closing disclosure received and reviewed
  29. Pre-closing inspection
  30. Transfer of utilities
  31. Settlement, then closing
  32. Move-in