Is your neighbor a douchebag? That might be why your home isn't selling.

Are the odds of selling with you or against you?

Try to make your home meet these criteria, and you may be able to sell your house faster.

1. Priced within 5% of comparable sales
2. Financing available
3. Government terms available
4. Post-dated price reduction
5. Odd sale price
6. Full term listing agreement
7. Market or above market commission
8. Easy access (lockbox, call direct for showing)
9. Company for sale sign
10. Home in showable condition
11. Immediate possession available
12. Trade terms available
13. Extras included (appliances, etc)
14. Pre-market home inspection
15. Home protection plan available
16. Avoid contingencies
17. Seller to complete obvious repairs

The odds of selling in better-than-average market times are up to you!

When you’re ready for your home to be someone else’s!