clean the air with plantsNew house? New furniture? Rugs?

Air them out as long and as much as possible, then add some of the following plants to your decor.

  1. Areca palm – the top rated for removal of chemicals and ease of care
  2. Lady palm – one of the easiest to care for
  3. Bamboo palm – one of the best for adding humidity to dry air
  4. Rubber plant – tolerates low lights, absorbs formaldehyde
  5. English ivy – Perfect for hanging baskets
  6. Boston fern – Needs care, but best at removing pollutants
  7. Peace lily – Boasts a high transpiration rate; blooms reliably indoors
  8. Corn plant – Maximum height 10 feet, cut back to allotted space
  9. Ficus/weeping fig – Low maintenance, 10 feet tall
  10. Aloe vera – removes formaldehyde