Steps to Buying a Home in North Carolina


Steps to Buying a Home in North Carolina:first time home buyer in NC

  • Look for and interview an agent. (Why do I need an agent?)
  • Clarify your wants and needs with your agent.  Let them know your objectives and your timetable.
  • Have the agent help you get pre-approved for a loan.
  • Select the best 3 to 5 properties to see.
  • View each property objectively.
  • Write an offer to purchase when you’ve found the right one.
  • Have your agent present your offer immediately.
  • Handle all counter offers and negotiations positively.
  • Have any necessary inspections completed and repairs negotiated.
  • Research details about the property, neighborhood, HOA, etc.
  • Finalize any loan details to get final approval.
  • Order title insurance from the company of your choice.
  • Do a walk-through prior to closing on your new home.
  • Show up early and prepared for your closing with a certified check for closing costs.
  • Keep in contact with your agent after closing if you have any questions or concerns.