Benefits of Home Ownership

The Benefits of Home Ownership are Many.

This beautiful entry way could be the entrance to your dream home! The benefits of home ownership are many!Let’s chat about why it’s right for you, too!

  • Estate building!  Why not build your own estate instead of your landlord’s?
  • The moment you buy a home, you start a built-in savings account. Rent money is spent money.
  • Get a free ride with inflation.  As inflation continues, you will be paying off your mortgage with less expensive dollars.
  • Tax advantages-one of the best reasons to buy! Real estate taxes and interest charges on mortgages are tax deductible.
  • Home ownership offers a better variety of lifestyle choices.  Residential housing stock is not as limited as rental housing. There are less restriction on the use of your interior and exterior living areas and your garden will get BETTER every year!
  • Your home equity may be used as security for future loans.
  • Home ownership can improve your credit rating.
  • Your home will become a cornerstone of your retirement plan
  • Lifetime rent payments could pay for more than 3 homes!!   THAT is scary.