Why Do I Still Need A Real Estate Agent?

Why do I still need a real estate agent?Why do I still need a real estate agent with all the online information available?

Because the housing market is more complicated and constantly changing.
Your decisions have more consequences than ever!

Given how life altering a home purchase is don’t you want a trained professional in your corner?

  • You can find the type of property of interest to you online, an agent can help you discover pros and cons of an area and property.
  • Good agents can help you look past finishes on a house to the overall bones of a property.  This can save you time and money in inspections, deposits, etc. of a home that may not be in the condition you are comfortable with owning.
  • Realtors will guide you through the maze of paperwork involved in a purchase.
  • Your agent will negotiate the best price, terms and repairs for you and your family.
  • An experienced agent knows how to solve or resolve the bumps along the way to closing.
    Why do you still need a real estate agent?  You don’t have to go it alone!