5 Minute Home Maintenance..

                             sounds good, doesn’t it after reviewing those annoying ‘fall clean-up’ lists?  


These two 5 Minute Home Maintenance tasks could save you big time.  Might be fun to do with the kids, too.  Well, fun might be overstating it.  🙂

[wp_column type=”one_half”]toilet valve vent-boot[/wp_column]

At every sink and every toilet, turn the shut off valve back and forth once or twice.  This prevents them from rusting closed and seizing.  If you need to turn the water off QUICK in a water emergency this could save you hundreds.  Often a rusted valve will break off.  This simple preventative act could save you thousands

The vent boot on the roof surrounding your pipes are usually made from plastic/rubber.  The sun really does a number on them.  At least every few years they need to be replaced or you could develop leaks in the roof.  Get your binoculars out and give the boots a good visual inspection to see if this is the year your boots are made for walking (away).  Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.

That’s it!