Stumbling Blocks to the Home Sale

Picky, Picky, Picky

Crawl spaces, Small Silly Items and Too Much Technology; some of the issues that slow down, derail or impede a sale.

Just about every home in the last year has had issues in the crawl space.  It could be standing water, wood damage, suspicion of mold, or lack of a vapor barrier.  If a seller does no other pre-inspection on a home, DO A CRAWL SPACE INSPECTION.

Almost everyone knows the basic maintenance items that need to be done regularly on a home and especially before putting it on the market. Recent inspection reports have included what I feel are silly items.  For example, the inspector did not find the switch for an exterior light or for a bathroom fan.  They both were nearby and working.  Lightbulb burned out?  The inspector suggestion is to call a licensed electrician.  SO, label every switch and make sure all lights work as they should.

In the last month a new issue has been included in inspection reports.  The size of step risers.  I have had two that say the risers are 1/2 inch too short.  One buyer asked for the steps to be replaced.  Crazy.

Finally, because buyers and agents are often not allowed to be at the inspection these days because of Covid, a lot of additional anxiety about the condition of the house causes the buyer and buyer’s agent to be extra cautious.  In the past, I have always encouraged buyer’s to attend the inspection to get a more balanced idea of the condition of the home, especially a home that is not new.  I will warn buyers when they get the inspection report it will feel like the house is falling apart because every little thing is mentioned, sticky door, cracked outlet plate, etc.

It is work to keep your home maintained properly and work to get it ready for market, however, the payoff is BIG.  Homes in good condition sell fast and for big $$$$.

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